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Book Bub

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Dreaming of Provence-- Jennifer Skully

Unforgettable in Love-- Jennifer Skully

Show Me How To Love You  -- Jasmine Haynes

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The home of sexy, classy, emotional contemporary romance…

Read Jasmine's Somebody's Lover for free!

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A brand new Later-in-Life Holiday Romance series from Jennifer Skully!

The Once Again Series, Dreaming, Wishing, Dancing, and Under the Northern Lights available now! Plus a new preorder for Stargazing on the Orient Express!

Dreaming of Provence -- Jennifer Skully Wishing in Rome -- Jennifer Skully Dancing in Ireland -- Jennifer Skully Under the Norther Lights -- Jennifer Skully
Stargazing on the orient express -- Jennifer Skully

A brand new Maverick story from Jennifer and Bella! Preorder Unforgettable in Love now for the February 2022 release!

Unforgetable in Love